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Vision and Values


At Connaught Junior School, we are on a continual journey of self-improvement towards developing children’s character, promoting wellbeing, providing an outstanding education for all and keeping Connaught children safe and happy. 

In essence – to 'Improve Every Day.' 

Our three core values of being Caring, Confident and Committed permeate everyday life at Connaught and form our school rules, of which we only have three! In the end, it all comes down to children and adults being:

  • committed to working hard
  • confident in improving every day
  • caring to all at Connaught


We also have a clear vision of what we want a Connaught child to look like, to strive to be, to aspire to be by the time they have left us.


I am keen to learn and share my learning with others. I am curious and encouraging.

Sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow. I am flexible and adaptable and always confident in my role.     

I build on the foundations of what I already know whilst looking forward towards my future and what is coming up in the next stage of my school career. I relish challenge.

I understand that I contribute to the culture and ethos of my school. I understand how my behaviour impacts on those around me. I am polite, respectful and well-mannered to all.

I strive to be happy and positive, always looking on the bright side, giving people the benefit of the doubt, being kind and caring and always trying to see things from other people’s point of view.

I always do my best, putting effort into my work and relationships. I know that intelligence is not fixed and that I can increase my skill level if I work hard. I am a committed learner.

I enjoy showcasing my talents in big or small ways whether it is through acting, singing, sports, cooking, art, music or leadership. I am passionate about what makes me, me. I am a creative soul.

I am an individual and unique in my own way and I insist that this is recognised. Leadership opportunities allow me to develop my character. I am also a small but important part of a whole, a team, a community, a family. I will forever remain in the fabric and memory and history of this school building. My voice will forever echo down its hallways.

I can improve every day.

I am the Child Who Can.