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Teaching Approach

At Connaught, we work exceptionally hard to ensure that our teaching style is engaging, inspiring and forward-thinking.  The reason for this is that we want all children to be engaged in their learning and reach their full potential so they 'Improve Every Day'.

Retrieval Practice

Retrieval practice is a strategy in which bringing information to mind enhances and boosts learning. Deliberately recalling information forces us to pull our knowledge “out” and examine what we know.

Maxiumum Engagement 

To ensure all children are engaged in their learning, we operate, where possible and appropriate, a no hands approach.  This means that all children are involved in the learning.  Staff use various strategies to ensure children are challenge, motivated, engaged and ultimately, learning.  

No hands up

Staff use strategies such as:

Whiteboards to write down their answer 

Moving from one side of the classroom to the other depending on their answer

Hands on head or shoulders so they can share their reposes with the teacher.


Thumbs up depending on their views 

Talk partners so children can talk through their thoughts and ideas with their peers.


Active Classroom 

At Connaught we always promote an active classroom.  This involves active breaks between and within learning activities such as completing go noodle

During the lesson, we might encourage some active short brain breaks to optimise the learning.  As well as this, during the lessons there will be learning activities which involve movement, standing desks, sitting on yoga balls, sitting on the floor, or in combination to create movement between work areas. 

Standing Desk

Yoga balls

Floor desks