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Please see below a list of approved snacks that the children can bring in to keep them going until lunchtime.

There must be no nuts (peanuts or tree nuts) or nut products.

  1. Fruit (either a whole piece or sliced up and in a plastic container. Grapes must be sliced length ways in half.) Bear products are now permitted.
  2. Vegetables (eg. Celery sticks, sliced cucumber, carrot sticks, etc.)
  3. Bread sticks/pitta bread/rice or oatcakes/crackers (+ dip is also allowed)
  4. A plain biscuit (eg. digestive or rich tea – no chocolate coating)
  5. Cereal/breakfast bar – no nuts or chocolate chips
  6. Dried fruit (eg. Raisins, bananas, mango)
  7. Crackers/Cheddars
  8. Cheese cut into cubes or BabyBel
  9. Plain popcorn (not Butterkist and toffee/caramel flavour)
  10. Soreen bars (Not the chocolate variety and no other cakes or cake bars are permitted)