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School meals and packed lunches

Please see the current menu below .  

Menus are displayed in all classes for the whole week, from Monday, and the children will sign up daily. 

Please note, that the menus are subject to change.

Please check your Parent Pay account for your balance.

All school meals are provided by Twelve 15.  Full details can be found on their website by clicking the image below.

If your child has a special diet please contact the school office.

Allergy Aware School

We are an allergy aware school and have a number of children in school with serious allergies, including serious nut allergies.  Severe allergic reactions result in anaphylaxis and can be fatal.  

A person with a nut allergy does not have to eat nuts to have a severe reaction; this can be caused by surface contact and airborne particles.  With this in mind, we politely ask that no products containing nuts are eaten anywhere on the school site and packed lunches are nut free, e.g. no peanut butter sandwiches, chocolate spreads, some cereal bars, cakes and biscuits that contain nuts.  This list is not exhaustive, so please check the packaging of products closely before including it in your child's lunch box.  

To guard against other food allergies, we also ask that children do not share food in school.   

Parents are also asked to not include sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks/squash in packed lunches.


Ideas For A Healthy Lunch Box

Online School Meals Payment