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School Pets

We are really lucky to have some wonderful pets in school.  The children are able to come and spend some time with them during the school day.

We have Toffee the school dog and Poggy and Gizmo, the guinea pigs.

Children love animals and can learn important skills in responsibility. Handling animals can also increase their confidence. We have many children who are wary of dogs and are now happy to be around Toffee. Toffee monitors in Year 6 have been trained to take her out for walks around the school grounds unsupervised by an adult. She enjoys this as much as they do!

Poggy and Gizmo are in school 3 days a week and can be found in their hutch by the Year 5 corridor.

Our animal family is complete for the time being, but you never know when we might expand this in time!