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Roles and Responsibilities

Each of our local academy governors has specific roles and responsibilities to help the leadership drive continued school improvement. 

LAB Responsibilities: 

Child Protection - allegations against the Headteacher - Romano Dyerson

Headteacher Appraisal - Fiona Torley

Child Protection and Safeguarding - Fiona Torley and Hannah Taylor

Community Link - Louise Ray-Hill

Children Looked After - Louise Ray-Hill

Health and Safety - Graham Bell

Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) - Graham Bell

Staff and Wellbeing - 


TAMAT Portfolio Responsibilities:

Safeguarding - Fiona Torley and Hannah Taylor

Finance - Romano Dyerson and Fiona Torley

Achievement - Graham Bell

Curriculum - Romano Dyerson and Graham Bell

Community - Louise Ray-Hill and Hannah Taylor


Pay Panel

Graham Bell, Fiona Torley and Louise-Ray-Hill


Pay Appeals Panel

Hannah Taylor and Romano Dyerson