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Pupil Premium


The Principals Relating to Pupil Premium Expenditure

Pupil Premium and Service Pupil Premium is additional funding received by a school as an add-on to the normal funding allocation.  The criteria for receipt of Pupil Premium are based on the number of children who are eligible for Free School Meals or for those that have been, at any time during the previous 6 years.  Children classed as being ‘Looked After’ or in care for a period of 6 months or more and a smaller amount for a child who has a parent in the armed forces.

At Connaught, we concentrate our expenditure on improving the progress of any disadvantaged child, whatever their ability.  Our planning encompasses a range of strategies and interventions, the aim of which is to bridge any apparent gap between them and their non-disadvantaged peers. During years 4 and 6 we also help to fund a proportion of our residential stays. Other school trips we review on a one off basis and help where necessary. 

The breakdown of how we utilise Pupil Premium Funding is detailed in our ‘Pupil Premium Report’.