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Poggy and Gizmo

Here is some information about our school guinea pigs!

Poggy and Gizmo are our lovely guinea pigs! They live at home with Mrs Blight-Skipp and love to 'wheek' at her whenever she opens the fridge. If she doesn't get them their veggies on time, Poggy will often sit and stare at her until she does! Some of Poggy's favourite foods are green beans and fresh leafy greens. Gizmo loves tomatoes and romaine lettuce.

Gizmo needs brushing regularly due to his fantastic hair. He is often spotted with a very dodgy haircut thanks to Mrs Blight-Skipp! Poggy is a real snuggler and loves to fall asleep on your shoulder. He will also give you some very cute little licks to show you his love.

They come into school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can find them in their hutch by the Year 5 corridor. They will often be snuggled up together in some hay! Gizmo can be a bit nervous and moves very quickly, so be sure to use small voices around him and stay low down when you visit the hutch. Poggy is a bit braver and enjoys a gentle stroke on his forehead if you come to visit with a grown up!

Here is a video of them!

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