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Executive Committee

Chairperson Gemma Ross
Vice Chairperson/Secretary Clare Davies
Treasurer Sarah Ward

Connaught Junior School PTA Mission Statement

Connaught Junior School PTA Mission Statement

Connaught PTA is a registered charitable organisation. It is run by parents with the support of the Headteacher and teaching staff at Connaught Junior School.

Our aim is to provide financial support to the school by holding fundraising events and activities for our school community. The extra funds raised help to enrich the school experience for the children.

How to get involved

As a newly formed Committee (Sep-23), we would love to hear from you if you have any fundraising ideas you would like to put forward ( We will hold regular meetings with parents to discuss future events and would value any support you can give.

Thank you in advance for your support and here’s to a great year of fundraising!


Class Reps 2023-2024

Year 3      
Olympus Nathalie Patteson    
Snowdon Sarah Ward Lorna Weir  
Year 4      
Kilimanjaro Sharandeep Saroya     
Meru Emma Pestridge    
Mikeno Louise Mullins    
Year 5      
Denali Lizzie Hellyer    
Rainier Gemma Wye    
Salcantay Anita Singh    
Year 6      
Annapurna Helen Watts Johanna Lindsay  
Fuji Victoria Baker Charlotte Ball  
Elbrus Natalie Dickinson Laura Smith  

PTA events 

The PTA have organised many events to raise money for our school including:

* Break the rules day 

* Discos 

* Summer Fayre

* Christmas Fayre 

* T-Towel drawing 

* Christmas card design

* Happy school bags