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Executive Committee

Co - Chairperson Faye Dillworth & Nadia Choudary
Treasurer Sarah Ward
Secretary Kerrie Boone & Katie Lye

Connaught Junior School PTA Mission Statement

Connaught PTA is a registered charitable organisation. It is run by parents with the support of the Headmaster and teaching staff at Connaught Junior School. Our aim is to enhance financial support for our children in the school through fund raising and events. We value all your support, help and contributions throughout the year


Class Reps 2020-2021

Year 3      
Eiger Megan Snijman    
Olympus Nicola Butters Lou Fox Potter  
Matterhorn Emma Cogley    
Snowdon Tanya Dean Sarah Evangelista  
Year 4      
Kilimanjaro Janet Odgers Taryn de Lima  
Meru Hannah Wright    
Mikeno Emma Pestridge    
Stanley Lindsay Jones    
Year 5      
Cotopaxi Katie Lye Sam Harbord  
Denali Kerrie Boone Tamsin Moran  
Rainier Sian Savill Alex Nijjer  
Salcantay Lee Wildon Gemma Wye  
Year 6      
Annapurna Jackie Whiteley Sam Bateson  
Everest Kate Mallon Caroline Nickson  
Fuji Rhian Stewart Sarah Ward  
Elbrus Ladina Baker Sophie Lovell-Smith