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Online Safety

Given the current circumstances, it is completely understandable that children will want to use technology to keep in contact with one another. While there are many benefits to doing so, there are also many risks, especially when it involves them using new apps that you are both unfamiliar with.

One such app that has suddenly increased in popularity is Houseparty. Houseparty (which requires parental permission for under 13s) is an app that allows the user to enter group video chats with up to 8 people. With it comes inherent risks, such as the fact that chats can be with friends of friends (rather than just friends) and that chats can be recorded and then shared with a wider audience. 

Please take the time to look at the parent guide from National Online Safety, which contains the associated risks of Houseparty and advice for parents. 

Similarly, if your child expresses an interest in using a similar app to connect with friends, such as Zoom, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, please take the time to research the app online.