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We believe everyone can do Maths – no matter what their starting point is!  We want all our children to develop a deep understanding of Maths concepts and a higher confidence in their own abilities.  Maths is a priority at Connaught, with daily Maths lessons packed full of fun and challenge.

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Our approach to Maths aims to create strong, secure learning and real progress.   It follows these three guiding principles:

White Rose Scheme of Learning

Our Maths approach is guided by White Rose Maths.  We block our learning, giving us the time to cover all key concepts in depth before moving on.  Every lesson is differentiated with four different levels of challenge:  Base Camp, Climbing, Peak and Summit.  Higher Skilled children are challenged with reasoning and problem solving, whilst Lower Skilled are given the time they need to truly embed their skills. No child is left behind. 

White Rose uses Mathematical Talk to expose children to a rich and varied Maths vocabulary, helping them to unpick and explain their ideas.

Throughout the scheme, learners move from the Concrete (using resources), to the Pictorial (drawing pictures or diagrams) and then the Abstract (using symbols i.e. numbers). 

We teach using Concrete and Pictorial methods when introducing new concepts, often showing the Abstract alongside before completely moving to Abstract only.

More information about the White Rose approach can be found here.


The skills all our children will learn by studying Maths will equip them for later life.  We aim to create problem solvers, systematic thinkers and reflective learners, whose skills support them across the whole Connaught Curriculum. 

Children's Quotes

“I enjoy reaching the Summit level challenges because I feel stretched and challenged!” Pippa, Spring 

"In maths I get help and that makes me feel more confident and less stuck on my maths."   Rosie, Spring 

Securing Maths knowledge 

Assessment at the end of each unit of work informs teachers of the gaps in pupils learning and their progress.  Year Leaders are free to adapt Maths planning to best meet the needs of their cohort, focussing on the gaps identified at key capture points during the year. 

These means planning is constantly being revisited and tailored to the needs of each individual learner.

We are committed to plugging these gaps at an early stage so children become secure learners.  Children will become fluent in core skills by the end of Lower School, enabling them to move on to more complex Reasoning and Problem Solving in the Upper School.

"I like maths because it's challenging and fun. The bigger numbers make it more challenging."   Kacper, Spring 2021

“I like the way in Maths that the levels of challenge are explained clearly before we start and we can choose where we begin.” Benji, Spring 2021


Retrieval Practice

True Learning using Retrieval Practice

At Connaught, we focus on true learning and not current performance.  We have embedded the idea of Retrieval Practice into all our Maths learning with daily early morning work, low stakes quizzes and quick maths games to ensure the children can accurately recall key concepts. 

Our weekly Maths homework has an Arithmetic focus to enable parents to see the skills children need to practise.  We ask all children to practise their timestables five times a week on TimesTable Rock Stars. 

Regular practise and cognitive struggle all strengthen our children’s memories so everyone can tackle more challenging concepts.

An example of a Maths Working Wall that is created during the lesson

How can you help?

How can you help?

Your support is vital to the success of your child at school.  We greatly appreciate how much all our parents support and guide our children with their learning.  If you want to find out more about the methods we use in Maths at Connaught, then please refer to these videos.  


Coming soon!  Updated help videos to explain how different methods are taught in school.

Timestables Rockstars

Times Tables Rock Stars is a maths programme that takes all the worry out of learning times tables and has a proven track record of boosting children’s fluency and recall in multiplication and division.

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At Connaught, we have regular competitions within the school to promote timestables.  As well as this, we show how each class are doing with TTRS.


Each week, the children are set arithmetic maths questions to ensure that they are having regular opportunities to practice these skills.  

Here are some examples of these maths questions:

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

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