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At Connaught we aim to provide our pupils with an understanding of the significant events throughout a broad time period and allow them to find out more about real life issues and how society has developed over time. We believe History is a subject that provides students with challenge, adventure, intellectual curiosity and a better understanding of how the world as we know it today has developed. 

Year 3 - Stone Age
Year 4 - The Tudors
Year 4 - Remembrance
Year 5 - Ancient Greece
Year 6 - WWII

Here is what some of the children at Connaught enjoy about History.

'History is a lot of fun because we learn lots of interesting information about what happened in the past.' Year 3

I like History because we learn about things I didn't know existed like what this country was like during Roman times and hoe they changed Britain.'  Year 3

 I find this subject really interesting. Discovering different things about the past is fascinating. I didn't know that Bagshot village used to have a swimming pool and a cinema!   Year 4

"I like history because it's learning about the past and comparing things to how we live now." Year 4

"My favourite topic has been the English Civil War because I didn't know very much about it before and I didn't know who it was fought between. Now I know all about the Cavaliers and the Roundheads and they had different amounts of money, therefore on different sides!" - Year 5

"I love doing all history topics as it's always fun. My favourite topics were Stone Age, Romans and Ancient Greece. I had great fun with all of them and we do great activities during our history lessons. For example we created role plays during our Ancient Greece topic and we even filmed a short movie when we were in Year 3!"  Year 5

'I like history because there is so much to learn and it's interesting to fin out how people lived before they had the modern technologies that we have today.' - Year 6

'I like history because it's interesting to learn about events that happened in the past.' - Year 6

The following are very useful websites to help you support your children with understanding their history topics further.