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French at Connaught Junior School

In the modern world it is important that our children are equipped for their future as global citizens. As such, being proficient in at least one other language will open up opportunities for them in the near and distant future. Our children are very lucky to be taught by a French specialist as part of our specialist weekly provision of French, Music and PE for all year groups. 

The topics covered can be seen below:

French Curriculum

Year 3

Autumn Term

Unit 1 – Bonjour!

Greetings, basic nouns, numbers 1-10

Unit 2 – En classe

Classroom objects, colours, classroom instructions

Spring Term

Unit 3 – Mon corps

Parts of the body, character description, days of the week

Unit 4 – Les animaux

Animal names, numbers 11-20, further character description

Summer Term

Unit 5 – Ma famille

Family members, household items, the French alphabet

Unit 6 – Bon anniversaire!

Snacks, opinions about food, birthdays, numbers 21-31

Year 4

Autumn Term

Unit 7 – Encore!

Describing people, nationalities and personality traits

Unit 8 – Quelle heure est – il?

Activities, telling the time

Spring Term

Unit 9 – Les fêtes

Presents and festivals, numbers 31-60, instructions

Unit 10 – Où  vas tu?

Directions, weather

Summer Term

Unit 11 – On mange!

Shopping for food, further opinions about food

Unit 12 – Le cirque

Francophone countries, languages, clothing

Year 5

Autumn Term

Unit 13 – Salut, Gustave!

Personal information, siblings, negating sentences

Unit 14 – A l’école

School subjects, likes and dislikes

Spring Term

Unit 15 – La nourriture

Healthy food choices, asking and directing in the polite form

Unit 16 – En ville

Town buildings, further directions

Summer Term

Unit 17 -  En vacances

Holidays, expressing holiday plans and opinions

Unit 18 – Chez moi

Rooms in a house, description and activity

Year 6

Autumn Term

Unit 19 -  Le weekend

Regular activities and interests, likes and dislikes

Unit 20 – Les vêtements

Items of clothing, opinions, prices, numbers 60-80

Spring Term:

Unit 21 –Ma journeé

Breakfast, daily routines

Unit 22 – Les transport

Forms of transport, plans for a trip, buying a ticket

Summer Term:

Unit 23 – Le sport

Sports, opinions with reasons, discussing a sporting event

Unit 24 – On va faire la fête!

Order food in a café, future tense