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At Connaught, we aim to create an exciting and stimulating learning environment for the children. One of the ways we do this is through displays where work is celebrated and examples of perseverance and effort are shown off.

Each class is named after a mountain so that there is a clear theme of overcoming difficulties and proceeding and progressing in the face of adversity. Teachers decorate their classroom doors with one of the Leader in Me Habits so that the children are welcomed in and reminded about ways to improve every day!

We are one of 5 TAMAT schools and very proud to be a part of such a supportive group.

There are lots of opportunities to read around the school.










We have a very active Pupil Parliament who write actions plans on how they are going to spend their £200 budget.












Safeguarding is our number one priority


We are a pro-kindness school!







Connaught through time