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For all enquiries relating to PTA Discos, please contact the team at Please note that we will not be able to pick up any email enquiries received on the day of a disco as the team will be busy setting up for the evening’s events.  


Next disco is TBC.  The deadline for returning your completed forms to school is TBC.  They will not be accepted after this date.


Please note the following procedure (this is different to previous disco's) 

All Year 3 & Year 5 pupils are to come to the front entrance to sign in.  

All Year 4 & Year 6 pupils are to come to the rear entrance to sign in.  This is due to the high volume of pupils we have to sign in on the night.

If you have children in both groups please sign in at the rear entrance. 

As with all disco's please take child's coat home with you as there is no provision for storing them at the disco.  

As usual at the end of the night, collection of disco goers will be via front entrance and exit via rear entrance only.


Firstly, an enormous ‘thank you!’ for giving up your time to help run our PTA discos.  As well as being hugely popular with many children across the school, our discos raise a significant amount of money for the school to use to enhance our children’s enjoyment in their learning.  Over the past year alone, you helped raise just under £3900!  If you are helping at our forthcoming disco, please take a moment to read through the following notes to ensure that everything runs like clockwork on the night....!  And if it doesn’t, do email your feedback to us at           

Health & Safety

When you arrive to help at 6 pm, please enter by the main door with your child, even if your child is in the upper school, and sign in.  If you need to leave the disco at any time before 8 pm, remember to sign yourself out as the sign in sheet will be used to establish who is in the building in the event of an emergency.  In the event of having to evacuate the building, the senior member off staff present will take charge (typically Mr Sales or Miss McGann).  Make your way immediately by the safest route to the evacuation point by the tennis courts and please do not leave the premises until you have been ‘signed out’.  Be assured that all children are practised in the drill and will know what to do.

Our volunteer first aider (wearing a high vis vest!) will be in the reception area during the entire event and will have access to inhalers or other medication brought to the disco for individual children.  Please accompany any child requiring medical attention/inhaler/rest to the first aider.  

End of disco procedures

At 7.50 pm, the lights will be put on in the main hall and the stage curtains will be drawn.  At this point, please ‘shut your stall’ and help to usher all children out of the dining hall into the main hall to await collection by their parents.  Once all the children have left the dining hall, please start to clear away your ‘stall’ by:

  • boxing up any remaining stock/prizes/equipment/decorations/signs 
  • folding any table covering (to be kept)
  • binning any rubbish
  • carrying boxes/table coverings/decorations to the (closed) hatch door to the basement.

Floats will be collected by one of the organisers.  There is no need to count/bag up your float, but please ensure that it is collected. 

If after all that you still have the energy for more, you are very welcome to stay to help replace tables, brush the halls, hoover the corridors and reception area and take bagged rubbish to the bins!

Volunteer roles

Cloakroom monitor:  From the corridor, keep an eye on children going into the boys’ and girls’ toilets.  Allow only 2 children in each set of toilets at a time.  Don’t enter the toilets alone – if any problems arise, request assistance from Mr Sales or Miss McGann.

Door keepers – Admissions: Control the flow of children and adults to the sign in desks.  Ensure that each child is accompanied to the sign in desk by the adult dropping them off.

Dining hall monitor: Keep an eye on behaviour in the dining hall, tidy away unfinished drinks, mop up spillages.  Don’t allow children to leave the dining hall with drinks or whilst eating sweets (to minimise spillages, littering and accidents).  Encourage children to leave their sweets/prizes with the property monitors.  Encourage children to leave their sweets/prizes (especially water pistols!) with the property monitors.

Face paints:  50p (small) or £1 (large).  Face painting will take place in the dining hall.

First aider:  Located in the reception area by the main entrance.  Wear high vis vest (supplied) to stand out!  Children with inhalers/other medication that might be required on the night will be introduced to you.  Ensure that their medications are labelled with names and instructions and take charge of these during the evening.  Ask children to come to you at the end of the disco to collect their medication.  Children requiring medical attention during the event will be directed/accompanied to you.  Record incidents in the PTA incident book and, if possible, collect the parent’s/carer’s signature on collection.  You may use the first aid supplies stored in the office.

Main hall monitor:  Keep an eye on children’s behaviour – whilst allowing some fun!  ‘Banned’ activities are: Running, piggy backs, eating sweets, drinking, fighting, knee slides, climbing on apparatus, jumping from the stage or stairs.  If it’s necessary to open the main hall doors (often it’s too hot in the hall in the summer), make sure that at least one volunteer supervises each entrance to avoid ‘escapees’.  Two volunteers are necessary by the stage and at each set of stairs to control potential ‘divers’.

Photo studio:  50p per child per photo.  Assist volunteer photographer by maintaining queue, collecting money and recording children’s details – name and class.

Property monitor:  Station by the side entrance to the main hall where children may leave their sweets/prizes.  Allocate a bag to each child – a numbered sticky label is applied to the bag and the corresponding number written on the back of the child’s hand using a Sharpie pen.  Store bags on racks in corresponding number range.  At the close of disco, as soon as all the children are back in the main hall (just before 8 pm), wheel the bag racks down the corridor to the back entrance ready for children to collect their belongings as they leave with their accompanying adult.  

Refreshments:  Water free of charge.  Fizzy drinks 20p. Squash 10p.

Sign in:  Sign in each child as they enter.  Ensure that you have a contact number for each child.  (Adults will be asked to accompany their children to the sign in desk in order that any problems can be dealt with on the spot.)

  • If a child arrives at sign in and their name does not appear on your list, make a note of this on the register, check/request emergency contact details and admit the child.  Inform the adult that the organisers will look into the matter after the disco and be in touch shortly afterwards.
  • If a child arrives at sign in with medication, check that the medication is clearly labelled with name and instructions (if not, ask the adult to provide these before they leave) and ask the ‘sign in runner’ (based at your sign-in desk) to introduce the child to the first aider.
  • If a child arrives at sign in with medication, check that the medication is clearly labelled with name and instructions (if not, ask the adult to provide these before they leave) and ask the ‘sign in runner’ (based at your sign-in desk) to introduce the child to the first aider.      

Sign-in ‘Runner’:  During sign in, introduce children who arrive with medication to the first aider (reception).  Troubleshoot!

Tuck shop:  Disposable gloves available for serving unwrapped sweets.  At close of disco, do a stock take of remaining tuck and refreshments (stock list stuck on wall by serving hatch).  Replace completed stock take for collection by an organiser.