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Bubbles and Norman

Bubbles and Norman are our two school bunnies.  Bubbles was adopted in 2018 and started coming into school at the beginning of 2019.  When he first arrived in our school, he lived in Mrs Saunders' office and had a great time chewing the wires and hopping up the admin corridor!  He now lives with his new friend Norman.  Norman was given to the school and has had quite an adventure!  It is believed that he was found by a postman hopping round the streets and the postman's name was Norman!  When the bunnies first met, they were not friends, and it took a while to bond them.  For a time, they lived in two separate cages next to each other and slowly, after a while, they began to like each other. Eventually, one day, they started sitting next to each other with the cage in between.  This is when we knew they were friends and they now live happily together in one cage.  In fact, they can't be without each other!  Every evening, they come home with Mrs Saunders, and they live with her during the evening and weekends.  Children are allowed to visit the bunnies, stroke and feed them, read to them and share work with them.  They are very much part of the Connaught family.  

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