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At Connaught we are in an unusual position for a junior school in that we can offer many activities that other schools struggle to. This is because of our dedicated and well resourced spaces for computing, pottery and cookery. Every week the children in every year group have the opportunity to take part in an activities afternoon. In smaller groups of between 20 and 23 the children can enrich their knowledge of the half-termly or termly topic using a variety of creative skills.  We believe in the development of the whole child and that children need to approach their learning from a variety of different angles to make it memorable, relevant and above all fun!

The freedom we have in the continuing evolution of our Creative Curriculum means that we can make creative links with all of the different areas of the curriculum but especially History, Science and Geography. For example; in Year 3 the children study WW2 and harness the British spirit by making a union flag plate in pottery; in Year 4 the children make Tudor food in cookery as part of their Tudor topic; in Year 5 they create moonscape sculptures as part of their Out of this World topic and Year 6 work together to create totem poles, each part depicting their favourite part of Connaught to celebrate them moving Onwards and Upwards


Year 5 Out of this World pottery    

Year 3 Rainforest Pottery  

Year 6 Living Together in One World


Making potato shortbread using a WW2 recipe.


The Year 3 children showed great creativity and enterprise when they designed, made and sold rainforest badges. The money raised went to the Living Rainforest in Newbury to adopt an animal.


Boys wearing their pilgrim hats



Sewing fits in perfectly in Year 3 with the Make Do and Mend part of the WW2 topic. The children made bunting that was sewn together and hung up to form part of the VE Day celebration. 


We are well-equipped at Connaught to address the demands of a highly technical and ever-changing world. We have a well-used ICT suite as well as many laptops and iPads. 


Using coding to create their own computer game