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Odd Socks Day

Monday 13th November is Odd Socks Day.  Please read on....

Pro Kindness week 13th-17th November


WHAT IS ODD SOCKS DAY? Odd Socks Day is part of Anti-Bullying/Pro Kindness Week.  This year’s theme is ‘Make A Noise About Bullying’.  To celebrate that we are all unique, we ask that you wear odd socks to school on Monday 13th November. Your socks can be as unique as you!

WHY IS ODD SOCKS DAY IMPORTANT? The day sends an important message that we should all be allowed to be ourselves free from bullying and helps us celebrate Pro-Kindness week in a fun and positive way.

We will be celebrating Pro Kindness at Connaught with a range of fun activities, stories and assemblies. During the week the children will be lucky enough to have Mrs Canfield teaching them a very special anti-bullying song, that they will share in a whole school assembly.  Miss Saia will also be focusing on mindfulness through her French lessons.

Later in the term, Year 3 and 4 will share a theatre production, The Space Between (my Head and Heart) designed to support mental health and wellbeing for children in KS2. Structured with the 5 ways of wellbeing in mind, this interactive original play uses puppetry and music to provide young audiences with the opportunity to think about different feelings in a safe, accessible and enjoyable way.

Please make time to talk to your child over the course of the week and find out what they have been learning. You will also find some resources you might like to share with your child on the website, under the PSHE tab.