Year 6 at Battisborough House

Year 6 at Battisborough House

Tuesday 20:45

The Year 6s arrived safely at Battisborough House on Monday for their week long stay. The weather was kind to us at lunchtime. As the coaches pulled into Cartgate Services, the rain dried up and the children were able to sit on the grass under some trees to eat their lunch.

After getting 94 children throught the toilets, we set off again. 2 hours later we arrived at Battisborough. Luggage was unloaded and the children found out whether they were in the house or camping. They will swap around midweek.

Dinner on night one was beef burgers, chips and salad. Eton Mess, icecream and fruit followed. As the rain was coming down, we had a quiz before the children retired for the night. Children in the house settled quite quickly, children camping took a little while longer. 7 staff stood in the rain outside the tents until they were satisfied that the children were asleep.

The next morning the children had a two course breakfast of toast, cereal and fruit followed by sausage, hash browns, egg, more toast and mushrooms. 

The activities have included orienteering, beach, bush craft and art/craft. This evening the children have had Connaughtfest with music, face glitter and wrist bands. The weather isn't warm but at least it isn't raining. The view from the house is stunning,

Tired children and teachers will be heading to bed soon. Wifi permitting, there will be another update soon.

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Wednesday 17:47

The sun has come out! Hurray!

Those lucky enough to go to the beach this morning enjoyed the sunshine and paddling in the rock pools.

Battisborough is a beautiful place but even more so in the sunshine.

After a lunch of wraps with a choice of fillings, the whole year group got together to visit South Battisborough Farm. The children learnt about cows and milking, met some calves and tried out ice cream made on site. Afterwards, they were dropped back at the house on the back of a trailer.

Dinner tonight is curry and then we are having birthday cake around the campfire! 

Thursday 16.38

The rain came back again today with a vengeance! Pity the poor people who had outdoor activities such as orineteering, team building and the beach visit. The children loved it but the adults were less impressed!

Mission Shower is close to being accomplished. The aim was to get 94 children through the showers, which was quite a feat, especially the children who got wet outside. 

Currently, the tuck shop is open and a long queue has formed. Miss Blight and Mrs Thomas are the shopkeepers. Tonight, the children will be eating popcorm and watching a film after dinner.

This has been a brilliant trip in a beautiful setting. The wifi has been very patchy so apologies for the lack of photos. I will try and get some more on this evening but it may have to wait until we get back.

The teachers and teaching assistants (plus Mrs Torley our governor) have worked incredibly hard to make sure the children have the best time. I am sure you will join me in thanking them for their dedication.

Miss McGann