Our Year 6s, their teachers and TAs have all been working extremely hard getting the children ready for their SATs. I am very proud of each and every one of them!

The SATs breakfast will be served from 8.05am, Monday-Thursday, in the quiet area so that the children have a lovely start to the day. We would encourage all children in Year 6 to come in early this week.

I saw this super poem and thought I would share.

SATs Don't

SATs don't measure sports.

SATs don't measure art.

SATs don't measure music,

Or the kindness in your heart.

SATs don't see your beauty.

SATs don't know your worth.

SATs don't see the reasons why

You were put upon this Earth.

SATs don't see your magic,

How you make others smile.

SATs don't time how quickly

You can run a mile.

SATs don't hear your laughter,

Or see you've come this far.

SATs are just a tiny glimpse

Of who you really are.

So, sitting at your table,

With a pencil and your test.

Remember SATs aren't who you are,

Because you are THE BEST!

BEST of LUCK Year 6!

Miss McGann